My Background


My Own Health Crisis

Three years ago I was super ecstatic about starting my kickboxing training with a professional trainer. But every single time right after my training, I was feeling a shooting pain along my back towards my left side leg. When I went to visit my chiropractor, she told me it’s sciatica and normally with a couple of visits you will be as good as new. And that was true I felt good till my next kick in my kickboxing class. Eventually, my chiropractor suggested I go and visit her every two weeks just for a tune-up and that’s something that I have to do routinely if I want to continue with my kickboxing training.

That was my routine until my friend recommended DDS massage treatment. After my first treatment, the shooting pain was gone and I felt much lighter on my legs. I couldn’t believe it and told my friend although I’m feeling no pain right now, let me try my kickboxing class a couple of times and see how that turns out. But honestly, that was it! With just one DDS treatment my sciatica pain disappeared entirely and never came back and this is three years after and I can proudly say my sciatica pain doesn’t exist anymore. I have had other pains but never sciatica! Since then I start recommending DDS machine treatment to my friends and family. I’m always talking about the benefits of this magical machine.

The Journey

This was the beginning of my enthusiastic journey into the bodywork. I was so intrigued and impressed by what had happened to me in that single an hour session that it changed the course of my life. Delving more deeply into my Traditional Chinese Medicine studies, I began to learn more about unblocking the stagnation along the meridian energy channels. This, in turn, inspired me to become a Chinese Medicine practitioner, and to study Acupuncture, Tui Na Massage Therapy, and Herbs.

Today, I work with a wide range of clients -from seniors, to young adults, to high- level athletes. I see people who face challenges related to chronic or acute pain, dysfunction, post-concussion symptoms, trauma and injuries. I also work with people who have issues around athletic performance, ageing, internal organs, immunity and wellness.

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My passion

My passion is helping people move out of pain and dysfunction. I am passionately optimistic and enthusiastic about this work, based on my own personal experience and the joy of witnessing positive transformations in so many others. I love meeting people and listening to their stories. I am excited by the opportunity to help them solve their own mysteries.

Witnessing Change

It is a profound privilege to be able to treat another person, to witness the changes that occur under my hands. This process never ceases to amaze me. It is always a humbling experience to listen to the body’s guidance, and follow the energy channels as witness the removing of blockages and stagnations in meridians.

It is hugely rewarding to see facial wrinkles, spider veins and muscle cramps disappear, to witness hair regrow back and patients reduce the size by breaking their fat cells through DDS massage and gaining more defined muscles, or legs, knees, neck and spine becoming more neutral and less torqued. Witnessing the changes that can occur over just a few sessions constantly reminds me of how fortunate I am to be a facilitator of this work.

Working Together

Very often, people will begin to feel the release of their own energy channels, and to notice the effect this has on their internal organs as well. This is typically a new experience for people, and I feel overjoyed to be a part of that experience. For example, I might be working on the back energy channels and hear things like, “I can feel a wave moving down my spinal cord to my hips, like water moving and things opening.” This validates that I am part of something profound and exciting.

When people develop trust in the work, and in me, the relationship that can develop is one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. I love seeing my client’s excitement as we start to become a team, sharing the idea that we are part of a powerful exchange that can facilitate more flexibility, better function, less pain and increased wellbeing.

During this work, people often discuss their transition from feeling hopeless about their own health to feeling empowered. It is an honour to be asked to embark on this adventure together and explore the possibilities of change.