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For many years I had trouble with my sciatic nerve, shooting pain from my hip all the way down to my foot. I had tried many different treatments throughout the years ranging from physiotherapy, chiropractor to acupuncture; nothing really seemed to work or at least have a lasting effect meanwhile, the pain in the last two years had worsened, wrapping itself all around the leg. A couple of months ago I found out about DDS treatments so I decided to give it a try noticeably feeling a great difference from the first treatment. So far I have done three sessions in combination with acupuncture and more than half the pain is gone. I feel lucky to have found out about DDS so that I have also tried it on my face, it is great for tightening the skin. Thank you Tabi and Maryam.

Ana Weiss

I started seeing Maryam and Tabi close to a year ago now and I can’t say enough about the two of them. Maryam worked wonders on my wrinkles and on the first visit, I saw amazing results. I was so happy because I never wanted to try other facial options. This was the perfect fit! I also love how relaxing the rooms are as well as the actual treatment. Thank you Ladies for making me look younger!!!

Stacey Powers

My upper spinal bone is touching nerves resulting in pain shooting down my arm and chest.  Over the last 18 months, I’ve tried extensive chiro, IMS, and massage, with no results.   In only one session of DDS + acupuncture at Flourish, I still have lasting pain relief more than 2 weeks later.  I was skeptical before I went, but now it seems to be the only thing that relieves my pain and discomfort. 


Robert G, Vancouver 

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